Find Chinese Horoscope Five Elements by Personality Quiz

Find Your Chinese Astrology Five Elements without Birthday

The balance theory of Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) using in the Chinese Astrology can predict people's future pretty well. Some people are not quite sure about their birthday and time. The following Personality Quiz can help people to find their Five Element combination types.

The missing element or the least percentage element usually is your Lucky Element. Our Lucky Element Guide provides you the information how to improve your luck in the rest of your life using your Lucky Element.

If you know your birthday and time, them we suggest that you should try our Chinese Astrology to find your Lucky Element and The Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life.

tactful inhibited peaceful
reserved sly idealistic
observing patient flirtatious
direct self-contained spontaneous
talkative overstated sensitive
sympathy-sharing tranquil reliable
supportive witty argumentative
fortitudinous indecisive impulse

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