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Chinese Farmer's Calendar Software
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  • The software is more than 9,500,000 bytes. You need a high speed Cable or DSL line Internet connection to download.

  • The file for download is a ZIP file. You need to unzip the ZIP file and then install the Chinese Farmer's Calendar.

  • No Farmer's Calendar CD will deliver to you.

  • No return, refund or exchange for the software download version.

  • Remember to click on the 'Click Here' text link after the payment processing to get the download page.

  • If you cannot find the download page, then you send your mailing address to mastertsai@yahoo.com and we notify you the location to download the software.

  • 3 months after purchase, $10 re-download setup fee for each new/old PC or hard drive

300-Year Chinese Farmer's Calendar

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