Yang Sheep 2015 Year of Goat and 12 Chinese Horoscope Animal Pictographic Characters

The following are Chinese pictographic characters for 12 Chinese horoscope animals found in the Chinese Oracle Bones. Ox and Sheep were drawn using the image of head. Other 10 animals are the drawings of the entire bodies. These animal symbols were carved into animal bones around 1300-1100 B.C.

12 Chinese Astrology Animals Oracle Bone Characters

Chinese Pictographic Character - Goat

The following are four sample Chinese characters of the Goat. They are found in the history of the development of Chinese characters and calligraphy.

Sheep Chinese Characters

The first character is from the Bronze Vessel inscriptions, which are the earliest pictographic characters in the Chinese history. Bronze Vessel inscriptions were used around 1500-1100 B.C. Also, different pictographs of horses were found. Some Chinese scholars still believe that the horse character should develop from the symbols of before the Bronze Vessel inscriptions.

The second character is from the Oracle Bone inscriptions, around 1300-1100 B.C. Many Chinese basic characters are developed from here. Oracle Bone characters were simplified the drawing lines from Bronze characters. More than one Goat inscriptions were also found. We can see the drawing of the head of ram in the Goat characters.

Chinese Bone Inscriptions for Sheep

The third character is a Small-Seal script, 206 BC-AD 220 '200 B.C. It simplified and unified the Large-Seal characters, about 800 B.C. The last character is the current script, since 1950 A.D. There are different handwriting types for Goat invented in the Chinese calligraphy.

Sheep Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Pictographic Characters - Horse

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