Dragon Horoscope 2018 Predictions in Year of Dog

Years of Dragon : 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Dragon 2018 is the Year of Brown Dog. Here is the 2018 prediction of Dog Horoscope. If your birthday is before February 4, then your zodiac sign is Rabbit, not Dragon. Your zodiac sign is from your Chinese Horoscope Birth Chart. All the following predictions are based on the Chinese Five Element relationships between Dragon and Dog. Chinese Horoscope attributes different natural phenomena to the categories of the Five Elements. We interpret those connections in the material world.

Dragon can be seen in the sky, on the ground, and under the water. It likes to hide behind the clouds in the sky. It's a mysterious, emotional, energetic, majestic and intelligent creature. It is also a symbol of power. Dog is the manager of the farmland. Its duty is to guard the farmland for the owner. Dog is very responsive to its duty. It is straightforward, loyal, sacrifice and brave. Dragon and Dog have different personalities. Their logical thinking is differently.

In Chinese Five Element astrology, Dog is in the Earth group. Dog is Male Earth, which is hill, mountain or tall wall. Dog also contains some Fire and Metal. Dog is also connected to dry soil. Dragon is also in the Earth group. It is a Male Earth, too. But it contains some Water and Wood. It is wet soil. Dragon has a nickname in Chinese astrology. It's called Dam. Dam is always waiting for water. When raining, mountain can absorb the rainwater. But rainwater keeps running down. Mountain cannot stop and keep the water. If Dam is under or surrounded by mountains, then rain water will run into the dam.

Dog is connected to the mountain. It waits for the sun going down. After sunset, people will turn on the light. It seems the sun hides behind the mountains. The nickname of Dog in the Chinese astrology is called "The Storage Room of Fire". The Dam of Dragon is called "The Storage Room of Water". They are opposite. They perform different functions. They have different thinking ways.

Both Dog and Dragon are Male Earth. We can treat then as siblings. They have different personalities. It's hard for them to become a close relationship. They will become the competitors in love relationship and career development. However, Dog will help Dragon, if Dragon encounters trouble by external attacks.

In Chinese zodiacs, Dragon and Dog have fighting relationship. Both Dragon and Dog are Male Earth. Earth will become very strong and ferocious when fighting. Strong Wood could hurt Wood, Fire and Metal inside Dog and Dragon. That's a sign of career changing.

Mountain Dogs are not pets. They might be wild dogs. When we see them, we need to stop. If it's necessary, we need to bypass them. Otherwise, we create our own unexpected trouble.

Overall Fortune

You should be humble and use friendly attitude to establish good people relationship. Using popularity and credibility to seek cooperation, you will find new financial resources.

Money and Wealth

When money opportunity comes, you will win the unexpected windfall. During the cycle of Dog, your income will be limited, if you try to only work hard to earn the salary. However, you can earn much more money, if you have a business partner or financial advisor. They might be someone close to you - your family members, relatives, colleagues or classmates. If you have your own business, then you look for business alliance, and then you will be the biggest winner in the league.

Love and Relationship

Dragon is Male Earth and Dog is Male Earth, too. They are same gender. They are no love chemistry. How can do you, if you are single looking for love? You can find a matchmaker to make it happen. You can ask people born in the years of Chicken to introduce friends to you. This is because Chicken and Dog have attraction relationship into Metal. Chicken and Dragon also have attraction relationship into Metal. Dragon, Dog and Chicken together can talk about the subject related to Metal. You will have a very happy and precious conversation.

If you cannot find Chicken people, then you can Find Rabbit people instead. Dragon and Rabbit have attraction relationship into Wood. Dog and Rabbit have attraction relationship into Fire. Dragon, Dog and Rabbit together can have very good interactive talking.

Therefore, if you have trouble to find your love, then look for Chicken or Rabbit first. And then you will find somebody fitting you, around Chicken or Rabbit people. If you are in love now, then you need patience to accompany your lover and must avoid quarrel. If you are married, you and your spouse should respect each other, maintain cordial relationship and share family housework.

Job and Career

Dragon is in the Earth group. Wood stands for Dragon's career. Dog is in the Earth group and also contains some Female Fire and Female Metal. There is no Wood inside Dog. Therefore, you won't focus on career development too much. This doesn't mean you don't have career luck. If you are very busy in your daily works, Dog will appear and act as your helper. Dog will share your workload and relieve some of your pressure. When your job becomes easy work, you will focus more on money. We should say your career luck is above fair. If you are looking for a job now, then you can ask people born in years of Dog to help you. Dog is diligent. Dog can find the money opportunity for Dragon.

Dragon and Dog don't have too many common views for the future. If you own a business and your partner or competitor is born in the year of Dog, then don't treat Dog people as an enemy during the cycle of Dog. They will have unexpected energy and courage to fight for their survival. Otherwise, they will block your way and make you headache for a while. Sometimes, you have to keep the low profile to run your business. You need to be more conservative for your new business development.

If you have an opportunity of a job promotion, then you will encounter a strong competitor. Dog is Male Earth, which is connected to the mountain. If you want to win the new position, you need to conquer the mountain. To climb up to the top of the mountain, Dragon has to bring up all the energy to fly over the mountain. When you stay on the top of mountain, you will become the new target for others to attack. If you are ready to face the challenge, then you go for new position. If you don't have confidence now, then you stay at the existing and safe position. Usually, the mountain is the sign of stop or obstacle. We need to stop for cogitation, find a way to overcome the obstacle. Sometimes, before moving forward, you need time to find a flat road to bypass the mountain.

People and Social

Dragon and Dog together are just like fraternity or sorority. Your social activities will increase, but most of them are same-sex events. Dragon and Dog, two minds think differently. It's hard for you to find a close friend from new acquaintances. Dragon is smarter than Dog. Dragon people shouldn't take advantage of your intelligence over Dog. Otherwise, Dog will bring you bad reputation.

Your Health

Dragon and Dog are Male Earth. They are equal. When they are fighting, the Earth will become extremely strong. Anything related to Earth will impact your health. Therefore, you should pay attention on your stomach and digestive system. Don't have too much sugar on your diet.

If your Earth is too strong, then Water will become much weaker. If Water is too less for you, then you should pay attention on your kidneys, bladder and the urinary system. Strong Earth also can hurt the Wood. Therefore, you should go to lawn, parks, forests for outdoor exercise and fresh air. Also, watch out arms, legs, liver and nerve system.

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