Monkey Horoscope 2018 Predictions in Year of Dog

Years of Monkey : 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Monkey 2018 is the Year of Brown Dog. Here is the 2018 prediction of Dog Horoscope. If your birthday is before February 4, then your zodiac sign is Sheep, not Monkey. Your zodiac sign is from your Chinese Horoscope Birth Chart. All the following predictions are based on the Chinese Five Element relationships between Monkey and Dog. Chinese Horoscope attributes different natural phenomena to the categories of the Five Elements. We interpret those connections in the material world.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Monkey is Male Metal and contains some Water. Male Metal is connected to axe, sword, knife or rock. Monkey Month is August of autumn. In China, strong wind comes from the west in the autumn. Therefore, Metal is also connected to the west and the wind. Dog is Male Earth, which is connected to the mountain. Dog Month is October, the last month of autumn. Many corps will be harvested in this month. Then the farmland needs to take a rest for the winter. Dog Hour is from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., that's time after sunset. Monkey meets Dog is the sign of retirement.

Dog is Male Earth, which is the mountain. When meeting the mountain Dog, Monkey doesn't know that is a wild dog or a ferocious guard-dog. Smart Monkey will stop, carefully examine the situation and then select the best timing to slowly bypass the dog.

Monkey is Metal and Dog is Earth. Earth is the mother element of Monkey. Dog acts as the mother to provide Monkey protection, shelter and home. Monkey is related to strong wind, which can quickly travel to any direction. Dog is related to the mountain, which can block the path of the strong wind. That implies Dog asks Monkey to go home and take a big rest. So Monkey can recharge the energy and wait for time to restart the journey.

Monkey is active, aggressive, energetic, frank and naughty. Monkey clearly knows what it wants. It likes the challenge tasks. In order to achieve the goal efficiently, Monkey might use harsh language to push people. Dog has loyal and independent personality. It has well plan for the future and doesn't like to change the current situation. With the sincere and earnest attitude, Dog can get along with Monkey. They can learn something from each other.

Monkey is impatient, irritable and impulsive. Dog can watch the Monkey's behaviors and provide the education to Monkey. Then Monkey will know how to calm down and think twice before making the decision. During learning the knowledge, however, Monkey will feel losing freedom because of too much restrictions from Dog. Monkey will notice too many obstacles around and lack of space to move.

Overall Fortune

Your Opportunity will be blocked by someone. Don't worry the obstruction. You should build good friendships with people giving you advice. They will guide you to success. Using your wisdom and foresight, wait for the better opportunity.

Money and Wealth

Monkey is Male Metal and some Water. Wood is afraid of Metal. Wood represents the money to Monkey. Dog is Male Earth and contains some Fire and Metal. There is no Wood inside Dog. Therefore, Dog won't directly bring you a big fortune.

For better money luck, Money needs the wood. Water grows wood (tree). There is Water inside the Monkey. Water represents Monkey's intelligence and performance. That implies Monkey needs to use its wisdom to look for the fortune.

When it rains, the mountain Dog can collect lots of rainwater. Then the rainwater will run down the bottom of mountain quickly for Monkey. Therefore, your money luck should aim at long-term investment.

Love and Relationship

It's hard to have a romantic relationship between Monkey and Dog. However, someone will be blessing and caring during the cycle of Dog. If you are single, you can look for someone mature and thoughtful. It's good idea to try for the person older than you. If you are in love, then don't push your partner for a further relationship. You have to ask yourself that you give your lover enough time and caring or not. Keeping a steady relationship is good enough during this period. If you are married, your spouse will take care of you all the time. But you will feel you are losing the freedom and lack of personal time and spaces.

Job and Career

For better career luck, you need to have a vision for the future. It's time to stop and think about a long-term career goal. You can keep the current job status. If it's necessary, you can take the education to learn new knowledge or skills. When you are ready, then you can go for new job opportunity.

If you have a promotion opportunity, you need to collect new position information first. You need to study the job duty and the prospect of the new company before making the decision to accept the challenge. If lack of confidence, then you can stay at the current position, learn more knowledge and experiences and wait for the next opportunity.

People and Social

Monkey and Dog know each other. But Dog is not Monkey's close friends. Monkey doesn't have the motivation to attend a social event with Dog. That's not a good sign for the people relationship. You can invite people born in the year of Chicken to join your social activities. This is because Monkey, Chicken and Dog together have attraction relationship into Metal. Three of you together can have good harmonic conversion with the subject related to Metal.

Monkey is connected to the wind. Wind likes to travel and show its power. The dying down wind will become dirty air. You should take a good rest, bring up your energy, and go outside to meet people and build good friendship.

Your Health

Monkey is Male Metal, which is strong wind. Dog is Male Earth, which is mountain, dry land or tall wall. Strong wind can cause lots of dust in the air. Therefore, you should pay attention to the nose, bronchus, throat, lung and other respiratory system. Rain and Water can purify the air. It's a good idea often go to the lake, riverside, beach, park, lawn to enjoy fresh air.

During the cycle of Dog, Earth is strong. Anything related to Earth will impact your health. If Earth is too much for you, then you should be mindful of your stomach and digestive system. The mountain stops the wind. That's sign of slowing down the movements. Don't forget to have enough outdoor sports.

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