Rat Horoscope 2018 Predictions in Year of Dog

Years of Rat : 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Rat 2018 is the Year of Brown Dog. Here is the 2018 prediction of Dog Horoscope. If your birthday is before February 4, then your zodiac sign is Pig, not Rat. Your zodiac sign is from your Chinese Horoscope Birth Chart. All the following predictions are based on the Chinese Five Element relationships between Rat and Dog. Chinese Horoscope attributes different natural phenomena to the categories of the Five Elements. We interpret those connections in the material world.

When seeing the Rat, Dog will chase it and try to catch it. So Rat is afraid of Dog. Rat is active at night and likes to steal Dog's food.

Rat is connected to placid water or rain. According to Five Elements theory, Dog is in the Earth group. Dog is connected to the mountain, hill or tall wall. Water is blocked when flowing toward the mountains. Water needs to make the curve to bypass the mountains. Dropping on the mountain, Rainwater will be absorbed by the mountain and disappear very quickly. Rat Water is overcome by the Dog Mountain.

Dog contains mainly Male Earth, some Female Fire and Female Metal. Since Earth can let Water disappear, Earth brings Water the pressure. Earth can represent Water's career, job, supervision, police, and legal restrictions.

Dog contains Fire. Water can extinguish Fire. Water can overcome the Fire. Fire represents Money to Water. Dog has a nickname "Storage Room of Fire" in Chinese astrology. Therefore, Dog is a treasure box to Rat Water. Rat will steal Dog's money from the storage room.

Dog also contains Metal. Metal container can make a room for the Water. Metal can protect Water. Metal is the Mother Element of Water. Therefore, Rat Water can find the supporter or mentor around the Dog.

The Earth of Dog overcomes the Water of Rat. Rat is the Money Star to Dog. Rat can bring in money for Dog. Dog can provide the job position for Rat. Rat is in the Water group. Water is connected to the wisdom. Using its intelligent knowledge, Rat can get a good pay by helping Dog's business. They have mutual benefit when working together.

Overall Fortune

Dog will bring you good fortune. But it's required a little bit of challenge. Fire is your money. The sun is in the Fire group. Increasing outdoor activities to enjoy the sun will help your money luck. Your love relationship is good too. You should cherish the opportunity.

Money and Wealth

Fire represents your money. Dog is the mountain and contains the Fire element. Dog is your treasure mountain, which is a storage room of Fire. That implies Dog will help you to save money. Plus, Rat and Dog have attraction relationship into Fire. That means your job provide you a good income and bonus. The extra income gives you luxury life style. Therefore your money luck is very good, but you have to work to earn it.

Love and Relationship

Love relationship shows a good sign. You have a lot of opportunities to meet with the opposite sex. The most of opportunities are is in your working environment. So you can increase the social activities with your colleagues or business partners in career circle. The Earth of the Dog represents a woman's boyfriend or husband. If a female has the desire to be a woman in love and has the courage to accept love relationship, then she will have very good opportunities to meet the a gentleman she likes.

Rat is Female Water. Dog is Male Earth. In Chinese Astrology, Female Water and Male Earth together have attraction relationship into Fire. Fire represents Rat's girlfriend or wife. If you are a man, then the opportunities are waiting for you. But you need to pursuit it. Therefore, you must get along with Dog first, and then you can find your soul mate via the Dog's relationship. Also, there is a Fire hidden inside the Dog. You need to ask Dog, and then Dog will tell you where the girl is.

If you are in love, then this is a good time to consider having deeper relationship with your lover. If you are in married, then you and your spouse have a sweet love relationship during this period.

Job and Career

Your career luck is very good. You have talent and are able to bring good income for the company. Your boss will appreciate your dedication. Your income and reward will be quite stable. If your task is overloaded or you encounter the troubles, someone will appear to help you to solve the problems. If you have a promotion opportunity, you should go for it to accept the challenge. The sign of success is strong. However, increasing the responsibilities and pressures on the new position is unavoidable.

Dog will make you busy in the office. Your project might proceed at the peak time. You might be too focusing on your current routine work and ignoring the job opportunities.

If the company gives you a chance of promotion, then you should consider accepting it. It's same that a career opportunity is offered by a different company, then you need to seriously think about to stay or leave. Whether you continue to work at same position or advance to a new position, your job responsibilities and duties will increase. With your confidence and courage, your career future is promising.

People and Social

Since your work hours will increase and the job keeps you busy. Your social activities will be relatively reduced. People relationship in the work environment is important to you. Spending more time with your coworkers and partners, you will get help easily when you need one. It's better to attend the outdoor events with them under sunshine during Weekends and holidays. This can build the foundation for your career development.

Your Health

Rat is Female Water, which is the winter cold water. You should have more outdoor exercises. Walking, jogging, climbing and cycling are good options. You need to take full advantage of the sun, to warm your body and mind, to improve spirituality and wisdom. Dog contains lots of Earth. Therefore, pay attention to your stomach and digestive system. Also, make sure no stones or tumors around kidneys.

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