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Year 2006 is a Chinese Red Fire Dog Year. The first day of 2006 Dog year is not on Chinese Lunar New Year day, which is January 29th, 2006. The first day of the Red Dog Year is February 4th, 2006 in China time zone according to Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar. This is because that the Chinese astrology use the solar calendar, not the lunar calendar. The first day of an astrology year is the first day of Tiger month, which is a solar month.

Chinese astrology is from Yin Yang Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The astrology system uses people's birthday and birth time to predict people's fortune. Therefore, the Chinese astrology birth chart has to convert Five Elements first. Each year is assigned an astrological color animal name by the astrology calendar. Year 2006 was named Red Dog. Dog contains Earth, Metal and Fire.

Then Chinese astrology can predict Chinese astrology people's future from the stem (color) relationships and branch (animal) relationships between the birth chart and 2006 Red Dog.

Any Luck in 2006 Red Dog Year?

The first step to know your luck in year 2006 Chinese Red Dog Year is to find your birth chart from Find Your Lucky Element page. In the Chinese astrology system, the Day Column in the birth chart represents yourself, not the Year Column. Many Chinese horoscope websites tell people's animal sign using the birth year, and then predict people's future, which won't work for advanced Chinese astrology. None of professional Chinese fortunetellers use birth year as the center point to predict people's fortune.

The following is a sample birth chart from Find Lucky Element Page. The person is Red Fire Tiger, born in the year of White Metal Dog. The first character in Day Column represents the person. The person is a Fire type person.

Hour Day (You) Month Year
Male WoodMale WoodMale Wood Male FireMale FireMale Fire Male WaterMale WaterMale Water Male MetalMale MetalMale Metal
HorseHorseGreen Horse TigerTigerRed Tiger HorseHorseBlack Horse DogDogWhite Dog

The Find Your Lucky Element Free Page gives us a simple way to find your Lucky Element by using the Five Element scores. In most cases, the smallest score of the elements is your Lucky Element.

Fire Fire Soil Earth Metal Metal Water Water Wood Wood
192  78  38  22  46 

For example, the Water score is 22, then Water is your Lucky Element. That means anything to do with Water will bring you luck. Year 2006 is Red Dog year. Red is in the Fire group. Dog contains Dog contains Earth, Metal and Fire. There is no Water inside year 2006. Therefore there is no good luck sign for the birth chart above.

What will happen in 2006 Red Dog Year?

To know what will happen in 2006, first you need know your Day Master, which is the upper row symbol of the Day Column in the birth chart. The Day Master is Male Fire (Sun) in the above birth chart example.

Next, you need to learn a little bit more Five Element's Five Stars and Ten Gods relationships to find out what will happen to you in 2006. But we provides an easy way for you to find your luck from the following chart using your Day Master and Lucky Element.

Day Master 2006 Red Fire Dog 2006

If Fire is your lucky element, then your job responsibility will increase, which is a good opportunity for your career luck. New job or a promotion are possible in the first half of the year.

If Fire is your unlucky element, then many pressure will come to you. Argument, complaint, worries, frustrations or accidents may come to you. Friends, relatives, coworkers or partners might bring trouble to you. But the pressure will lessen in the second half of the year.

If Earth is your lucky element, you will learn knowledge or take advice from your supporters, elders or mentors. Your boss, teachers and/or parents will trust you because of your reputation and confidence in performance. If you need help in this period, your helpers are always there.

If Earth is your unlucky element, then you might become dependable or lazy because of too much help from others during the period. Somehow, you cannot focus on your learning or learning and won't get any respect even from your hard work. So you won't have good fame around people. If you are too lazy to take care your health, then the disease will visit you.


If Fire is your lucky element, then your money luck is pretty good this year. Your investment in business or  property will have good returns. You will have more social hours and earn more money than before.

If Fire is your unlucky element, you might lose confidence in managing money. You will spend money on business, investment and people in your social life without anything in return. You might even have to find a loan for your debt.

If Earth is your lucky element, then you might have a chance or promotion or new job. Your workload will increase and be in charge of some activities in a group. Any pressure to you will turn out fine.

If Earth is your unlucky element, then you will have frustration, complaint and argument all the time. Then you might lose friendship, money and health. The worst case is to have the accident or lawsuit.


If Fire is your lucky element, then your social activities increase. Your creativity and comprehensive sense improve and people like your idea and plan, so you will gain the reputation. Also, you will be busy in working for money.

If Fire is your unlucky element, you might have a bad temper during this period, since people might treat you improperly. Your worries and complaints might cause the bad relationship at home or in your job. You might lose your concentration and spirit. So pay attention on your health and watch for your responsibility to avoid any possible lawsuit.

If Earth is your lucky element, you will be busy in earning money. Your money luck looks good in the second half of this year. When your income increases, you will spend money for more material life.

If Earth is your unlucky element, money will trouble you all the time. You will spend more than you save.  Money pressure might be from friends, relatives or partners. You might even need a loan for your expense.


If Fire is your lucky element, you will be interested in finding a new job or business and can be ambitious in money and career. Also you can get help from friends or relatives. So the money luck is good in this cycle.

If Fire is your unlucky element, then you might have too many arguments with people and may even have bad money luck from investment or friends.

If Earth is your lucky element, then you will become smarter for your work and more popular for your social life. Your creativity and opinions bring interest to people and get the good reputation from them.

If Earth is your unlucky element, then you will be busy in work and become easy to lose your temper. That means you might lose people relationship and your reputation. So watch for your responsibility, spirit and health to prevent from sickness, disease, even lawsuit.

Earth If Fire is your lucky element, this is a good time to take advice from people or learn new knowledge for your skill. You will build up your confidence and gain fame. When you need help, then people will be around in the end of this year.

If Fire is your unlucky element, then you cannot expect the good result you want in learning, training, working or planning. You might become dependable or lazy since too much helps from parents or mentors. Then you might lose your fame, determination, money and health.

If Earth is your lucky element, you will be busy on your social life to establish people relationships. You will be interested in money and career with your friends, relatives or partners. You will get the returns from investments because of your good money luck.

If Earth is your unlucky element, then you might have too many arguments with people, and you have hard time working with others because of your bad temper. Your money luck is poor, you have to watch your money carefully. If you loan friends or relatives money, it may not return.

The above prediction for your 2006 Chinese astrology is from the relationship between Day Master and Red Fire Dog. In short,

The result of the events can be determined by the Lucky Element. More accuracy, we need to look for the relationships between entire birth chart and Red Fire Dog using Stem Attraction Relationships, Branch Attraction Relationships, Additional Branch Relationships and Mutual Attraction Relationships. These relationships might turn the result around. That's why sometimes we have good lucky sign in the beginning, but end up nothing. Sometimes, we cannot see any hope for our frustration, but the helper appears finally.

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