The Background of the Purple White Flying Stars

The Purple White Flying Stars is one of advanced Chinese Feng Shui application to find the lucky area in your house. The Flying Stars are changing with the passage of time. It's quite complicated to calculate the locations of Flying Stars at month, day and hour levels. The following are the simple introduction for the Purple White Flying Stars . Since the terminology of Chinese Feng Shui is hard to memorize, we will try to use the colors and numeric numbers to explain the Flying Star application. Some Purple White Flying Stars applications here are used by experience Feng Shui masters.


The Flying Stars are nine numbers in the Lo Shu magic square. The Lo Shu square of magic numbers superimposed on the back of a turtle in China thousand years ago. Ancient Chinese learned the theory from this natural sign. The Lo Shu square applied on the Flying Stars in the Tang dynasty (618-905 A.C.).

Each grid in the Lo Shu square is filled a unique arrangement of the numbers one to nine. The sum of three numbers in any direction in the square is 15. The numbers around the grid fly while the time is changing. Every hour, day, month, year and every 20-year period has its own arrangement of numbers around the square. Our sample applications will use the year and month cycles.

 The numbers in the grid have the color names. One, Six and Eight are white . Two is black. Three and Four are green. Five is yellow. Seven is red. Nine is purple. In general, purple and white are lucky signs in the Feng Shui theory. So this Feng Shui method is named as Purple White Flying Stars.



81 6

By combining the Lo Shu square and the Later Heaven Pa Kua symbols (Pa is eight in Chinese), it becomes Nine Palace Eight Kua diagram, which is applied on the areas of Chinese Feng Shui, Medicine, Architecture and Arts.

Square No.Kua symbolChineseI-ChingFive ElementGroup (Type)
1 White KanWaterWaterEastern
2 Black KunEarthEarthWestern
3 Green ChenThunderWoodEastern
4 Green SunWindWoodEastern
6 White ChienHeavenMetalWestern
7 Red TuiLakeMetalWestern
8 White KenMountainEarthWestern
9 Purple LiFireFireEastern

Since the Lo Shu magic square is filled in with the Kua symbols, it becomes the eight-sided Pa Kua symbol . People identify the different Flying Star Square by the center number. The center number is called the Kua number in Feng Shui.

When looking for the auspicious area in your house using the Flying Stars Square, you need to know the shape of an area is like a pizza slice, not a square. To find the eight slice sectors is to find the center point in your house by drawing the blueprint of the house, put a compass on the center point of your house and divide your house into 8 sectors on the center point of your house. For example, the northern area is from 337.5 degree to 22.5 degree. The eastern area is from 67.6 degree to 112.5 degree.

Our applications here are simply using 8 directions of the flying stars. The Feng Shui professionals use a Lo Pan (compass) to measure at least 24 directions of a house and give people more detailed information.

Basic Applications

In the theory of the Purple White Flying Stars , there are 8 types of people and 8 types of the houses. Each type can be presented by a Kua number. The auspicious and inauspicious directions of a house or for a person can be calculated from the Kua number.

All numbers are differentiated into two groups. The numbers of 1, 3, 4 and 9 are in the Eastern group. The numbers of 2, 6, 7 and 8 are in the Western group. The Eastern type of persons will have a better luck, if they live in an Eastern Type house. The Western type of persons should live in an Eastern Type house to get a better luck. Therefore you should know what type of person you are and what type of house you live.

Find Your Flying Stars - Find your Kua number, Feng Shui type and the auspicious areas

House/Room Flying Stars- Find the Kua number and Feng Shui type and auspicious areas of your house

House, Room, Bed and Pillow - More Purple White Flying Stars Introduction

Advanced Applications

 Romance, Love and Marriage - Tell you when and where to increase the romantic luck

 Choose Baby Gender for Boy - Tell you that the time and the bedroom can make a baby boy

 The Study Room for Students - Find the locations can energize people's wisdom

There are more theories about matching (overlaying) Purple White Flying Stars in the following

Black 2 and Yellow 5 together will jeopardize people's health
Black 2 and White 8 together help people to earn more money
Black 2 and White 3 together can increase your wealth
Multiple Brown 5 together bring people bad luck
Green 3 and Red 7 give you bad luck in money
White 8 and Purple 9 enhance the love and marriage luck
Red 7 and Purple 9 have chance to get a fire accident
White 6 and Red 7 lower your health level

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