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2017 Chinese Astrology for Chicken Year
2017 Chinese Zodiacs - Year of Red Chicken

Where does your money come from?

When we are young, we have money from our parents. After we grow up, we receive money from our salary and gain the returns from our investments. The best investment is to win a lottery. However, the lottery game is same to sit by a gambling table; it's very risky. To win an easy money is required a good luck. Either you have good luck to heritage a good wealth from your rich parents or relatives who love you, or to win a short-term or long-term investment. Otherwise, you need to work for money till the retirement age. So if you weren't born in a rich family, aren't smart enough to earn millions of dollars, don't have money to put into safer long-term investment, then the only way to get richer is to win the lottery.

When is your money luck coming?

If you have time to read this web page, I guess you are not rich yet and you are thinking about any money luck could bring you a windfall. Chinese astrology has Daily, Monthly, Yearly and 10-Year Major Cycles. If you have money luck on a certain day, then you might be happy about your luck for hours. If you have money luck in a certain month, then money might let you happy for some days. If the money luck shows in the yearly cycle, then you should enjoy money for several months. If the money luck comes from 10-year Major cycle, then you will enjoy money for many years. So you should be smart enough to know that you must have good money luck in either Yearly Cycle or 10-Year Major Cycle to win a lottery. Certainly, to win a super jack pot is required a money luck in the 10-year major cycle.

Therefore, looking for money luck should be from the Yearly Cycle and 10-Year Major Cycle. The Daily Cycle and Monthly Cycle just tell us when the money luck arrives. Not everyone can find the day which the money luck appears on the daily, monthly and yearly and major cycles in the same time. This is why most of fortunetellers are not really that rich, because they know they don't have the chance.

Can we try for Free lottery game?

If you don't have the money luck in the yearly cycles and 10-year major cycles, then you don't have long-term money luck. But everyone has money luck from monthly or daily cycles. You still can take advantage on it, and try on the short-term luck. For example, you can play Free lottery games for fun from the Internet sites on the day your good money luck prediction appears in both monthly and daily cycles. Certainly, the day must be the same day to announce the lottery winning numbers. Remember that your money luck shows you cannot win big and the price of lottery in Internet is not a big amount. Therefore, you should have the chance. Also, you must know your money luck won't last too long and we don't provide you the money luck in hourly cycle, so don't spend your own money.


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