Feng Shui Purple White Flying Stars D. I. Y.

If you are new to the Purple White Flying Stars, then read the introduction of the Purple White Flying Stars first.

In the menu page of Purple White Flying Stars, there are three sample applications about overlaying Flying Stars.

There are more theories about overlaying Purple White Flying Stars in the following

White 1 and Green 3 together in a room help women conceive a baby boy
Black 2 and Yellow 5 together will jeopardize people's health
Black 2 and White 8 together help people to earn more money
Black 2 and White 3 together can increase your wealth
Multiple Brown 5 together bring people bad luck
Green 3 and Red 7 give you bad luck in money
White 8 and Purple 9 enhance the love and marriage luck
Red 7 and Purple 9 have chance on fire accident
White 6 and Red 7 lower your health level


You can do it by yourself to find the auspicious or inauspicious locations using the following tools.

Your Flying Stars - To know your Kua Number (Who)

House/Room Flying Stars - To know the Kua Number of your house or room (Where)

Yearly/Monthly Flying Stars - To find the Kua Number of each year or month (Time)

How To

Because the Purple White Flying Stars in the different location each year, you need to use Yearly/Monthly Flying Stars page to find the Time Lo Shu Square first. Then use the House/Room Flying Stars page to get the House or Room Lo Shu Square and to find the Flying Stars overlaying corner. To make sure the overlaying corner is your lucky location from the page of Your Flying Stars.

Complete Purple White Flying Star Menu

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