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Hour (kids) Day (you) Month (parents) Year (ancestor)
Male SoilMale SoilMale Soil Male FireMale FireMale Fire Female WoodFemale WoodFemale Wood Female SoilFemale SoilFemale Soil
RatRatBrown Rat DogDogRed Dog PigPigGreen Pig RabbitRabbitBrown Rabbit
Your are Red Dog, born in the year of Brown Rabbit, Winter time. The year is the information about your ancestor. The month is the information about your parents. The hour is to do with your children. The day represents you with your spouse's information. Because the first character in day is Fire, you are equivalent to Fire. We can find the outline of your entire life from the major 10-year cycles and the weight of your Five Elements. Your first fate cycle is at age 2. After understanding your Five Elements weights from the following chart, you can find your major decade cycles from here to figure out the best years in your life.

Five elements Fire Fire (you) Soil Soil (kids) Metal Metal (money) Water Water (job) Wood Wood (mom)
Total 24  86  16  100  105 

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