Paragon Partners. IDS System Architect - January 1997 - Present
Developed and completed entire Image Capture system Paragon Data Suite including Image Scan, Document Import, Document barcode and Indexing, Document OCR, Document Export, Security, Full Text Index Builder, Image Viewer and Full Text Search using Visual Basic, LeadTools, CSI, Zylab, Image under LAN and Internet environments.

Supported to develop the Right of Way Information Delivery System. Document Image Viewer, Full Text Search, GIS viewer.

Internet applications for Paragon Data Suite, Paragon Data Quest, Time Sheet, Agent's Resume...

Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, ActiveX EXE/DLL/OCX, ODBC, ADO, RDO, DAO, JET, SQL,Oracle,Access, HTML, ASP, VBscript, JavaScript, Jscript, CGI, Front Page, VisualDev, CSI, Kofax, Ascent, LeadTools, Imagine, Zylab, MapInfo, MapBasic, ESRI MapObject, Window API, ODBC API, System Registry, Installation Package, Demo CD, Security, RoboHelp.
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TRW, IS Division, Consumer Credit Programmer/Analyst H - March 1993 - January 1997
Enhanced and maintained TRW credit report RATE/SCORE system with very large scale data base. Implemented the common criteria models for Batch and CICS. Implemented and maintain Customer Order entry PC Windows/Mainframe application. Applied System Development Life Cycle: Requirement, Detail Design, Test Plan, Implementation Methodology. Project Development, Production Support, Product Implementation. Documentation under WINDOWS Help Files and Access.
IBM/MVS/ESA,VSAM/IAM, COBOL/Assembler/HLA, C/370, TSO/ISPF, Panvalet, Endevor, COBOL II, Smart Test, JCL/Utilities, File-Aid, CA-1, EasyTrieve, SYSM, ASIM, DB2, AMDAHL/8670/6670, Extrawin, Windows 95, NOVELL , WORD 95, DB2/SQL, ACCESS 95, VB 4, FoxPro 3.0, SQL/server, VISIO 4, Power Builder, Windows/Help File, C++/MFC, SourceSafe.
Kennedy Wilson, INC. Senior Programmer/Analyst - January 1993 - February 1993
Developed Real Estate Auction System under FoxPro.
Pierce National Life Insurance Company Senior Programmer/Analyst  - August 1980 - October 1992
Maintained and enhanced LIFE/70 batch & online CICS system. Installed the CICS application software, developed and designed the in-house CICS application. Coding, testing and implementing the new application, System conversion and interface. Responsible for daily production cycle, Maintain system libraries. Set-up Recovery procedure. PC Network multi-user relational database programming using FoxPro and PROGRESS.
IBM/3090,3084, OS/MVS/ESA/XA/SP, JES2, VTAM, VSAM, CICS, Wylbur, Panvalet, DYL, CICS/MSA, CICS/CDS, FDR/DSF, $IAM, Assembler, COBOL, Utilities, Culprit, File-Aid, WINDOWS, NOVELL, dBase IV, FoxPro, PROGRESS, Word Perfect.
3-B books Self-employer - June 1993 - Present
1993 Book of Chinese fortune Calendar for China and USA
1995 Debug-Aid for IBM mainframe
1995,1996 Chinese Farmer's Calendar
1999 Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar Software
1999 Chinese fortune-telling Calendar Online web site
Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, HTML, ASP, VBscript, JavaScript, Jscript, CGI, Front Page, VisualDev, ODBC, ADO, Access, Chinese Astrology, Astronomy, Chinese Lunar Calendar, Image Composer, Microsoft Agent
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Pacico Inc. Part-time Consultant  1995
Developed Order Tracking/Analysis, Marketing, Production and Inventory System
Manna Resources Inc. Part-time Consultant 1995 
Multi-Level Marketing Order Entry/Commission system
Multi W System Inc. Contractor Programmer 1992 - 1993
Developed Marketing and Accounting System under FoxPro.