Allen Tsai's Commercial Software in CD

Very proud of showing people the Commercial Software CD's I made since 1998. 

Paragon Data Suite

Paragon Data Suite is a Document Imaging, Information Storage and Retrieval Management solution designed to maximize efficiency throughout the organization. It supports production scanning, full-text search, electronic document import, day forward scanning and automated storage management. PDS Internet is ready.

Paragon Data Quest

Paragon Data Quest is a complete information delivery system that provides all the necessary tools to efficiently integrate, manage, report and track, as well as archive, real property information, existing database, map and GIS systems for the Property Management and Right of Way Industry. PDQ Internet is ready

Chinese Fortune Angel

Chinese Fortune Angel is a Chinese Five-Element Astrology, which tells people's lucky years, money and career opportunities and Love Personality Compatibility Matches. The software was released on 04-01-02 from

Chinese Farmer's Calendar (1900-2200)

Chinese Farmer's Calendar (Almanac) gives people's advice about their auspicious days for special events, such as wedding day, grand opening day and residential relocation day. The software was released on 08-10-02 from

Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese Lunar Calendar CD shows people how to convert the between Chinese lunar  calendar and Gregorian calendar using high precision astronomical Sun and Moon data from 1 to 2246 AD with Visual Basic source codes. The software was released on 09-10-02 from

Chinese Fortune Telling Calendar

Chinese Fortune Telling Calendar is a Chinese astrology tool, provides detail astrology birth chart information for professional Chinese fortunetellers. The software was released in July, 1999. Now the next phase upgrades of Chinese Fortune Telling Calendar is on the way.

I can deliver quality products for the software market