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Many Chinese Astrology websites give people the marriage advice by using Year's Branch Fighting Relationship on the left. They say that a person was born in the year of Rat (1) should avoid to try on the opposite sex who was born on the year of Horse (7). The pairs shouldn't be together are Rat (1) and Horse (7), Cow (2) and Sheep (8), Tiger (3) and Monkey (9), Rabbit (4) and Chicken (10), Dragon (5) and Dog (11) plus Snake (6) and Pig (12). In the other words, that's not a good compatibility for those who have six year difference in their ages.

None of Chinese professional fortune-tellers will use this way to determine the compatibility for a couples. They know that six-year difference impacts the compatibility only about 10%. Every fortune-telling book say that "please don't use six-year difference to destroy a good marriage".

With limited information, this website still can show you a way to find the compatibility of a couples.

Besides the Branch Fighting relationship, we need to know the Stem relationship. (Stems are Yin and Yang of Five elements)

War in Stems Just like Branch Fighting Relationship, we can to apply the Stem Fighting Relationship on the left into the compatibility.

The poor compatibility pairs are Yang Wood (1) and Yang Metal (7), Yin Wood (2) and Yin Metal (8), Yang Fire (3) and Yang Water (9) plus Yin Fire (4) and Yin Water (10).

You can see the difference between two elements is six, too.  

This first step to know the compatibility, you have to print out the birth charts for a couples from the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar page with the birth information.

After printing out the birth charts, we want to check the compatibility from Day, Month, Hour to Year. (Ancient Chinese Astrology considered the husband and wife must be a man and a women.)

Male Comparison Female
Male Birth Chart
  1. Day with Day
  2. Month with Month
  3. Hour with Hour
  4. Year with Year
Female Birth Chart

War Compatibility Checking

In Birth Chart, DAY Stem represents the person. DAY Branch represents the spouse. MONTH Stem and Branch represent the parents. HOUR Stem  and Branch represent the children. We can see the most important Stem-Branch is DAY.

The Second Step for the compatibility is to compare all Stems and Branches in the same position of  both birth charts and check it in the following table, if they have the fighting relationship. The last step is to click the 'Calulate' button to get the POOR compatibility score.

Compare Stems or Branches between Male and Female Check it, if they are fighting
Day Stem Day Stem with Day Stem
Day Branch Day Branch with Day Branch
Month Stem Month Stem with Month Stem
Month Branch Month Branch with Month Branch
Hour Stem Hour Stem with Hour Stem
Hour Branch Hour Branch with Hour Branch
Year Stem Year Stem with Year Stem
Year Branch Year Branch with Year Branch

  The poor compatibility score is

The way we show here is only based on the Fight relationship. Some cases the Fighting relationship will decreased with the Loverelationship between Stems or Branches.

It's OK for a couples with less than 33 poor compatibility score, because it's very hard to find the perfect person. When the poor compatibility score of a couples is higher than 45, they should understand more before considering the marriage. If they get along pretty well with a higher poor score, they should verify the  information of their birthday and time or let the professional fortune-tellers read their birth charts.

If a couple with a higher poor compatibility score, they still want to get married. They should make sure they are mature enough for marriage. For most cases, they have better wait after age 30.

Those people should have a late marriage (after age 30), if the Day Branch Day Branch and Month Branch Month Branch fight each other or Day Branch Day Branch  and Hour Branch Hour Branch fight each other. Many cases, they will have second marriage, if they want an early marriage.

There still are some other ways to determine the compatibility. For example, the year of Green Cow and  the year of White Horse are considered not a good pair. This is one of separating relationship   Break and Hurt between Branches. You cannot get this information from this website and but you can have it from our PC Software.

If the Chinese Astrology is too complicate, try the easy way for compatibility using western horoscope.

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