Chinese Feng Shui Purple White Flying Stars

Purple White Flying Stars is one of advanced Chinese Feng Shui application using by Feng Shui professionals. Some calculation rules for the Purple White Flying Stars are pretty complicate, because they need to know the beginning dates of Chinese astrology months before the calculation. Our Chinese Fortune Calendar happily and proudly provides you the complete on-line tools for the Purple White Flying Stars applications, because we cannot find these tools in any other websites today.


 Background of Purple White Flying Stars - Understand the background and terminology of Purple White Flying Stars

 Theory of Purple White Flying Stars - Find the auspicious area from the Purple White Flying Stars

Feng Shui Applications

 Find Your Flying Stars - Find your Kua number, Feng Shui type and the auspicious areas

 House/Room Flying Stars - Find the Kua number and Feng Shui type and auspicious areas of your house

 Romance, Love and Marriage - Tell you when and where to increase the romantic luck

 Choose Baby Gender for Boy - Tell you that the time and the bedroom can make a baby boy

 The Study Room for Students - Find the locations can energize people's wisdom

 More Applications of Flying Stars - Baby Boy, Wealth, Health, Marriage, Money ... Do it by yourself

Professional Tools

 Yearly & Monthly Flying Stars

 Daily Flying Stars

 Bi-hourly Flying Stars 

More in 300-Year Chinese Farmer's Calendar

 Calendar Tools

Yearly Five Element Type

Date and Time of Lunar Months

Date and Time of Solar (Astrology) Months

24 Section and Center Points in Chinese Calendar


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