Five Elements - Foundation of Chinese Astrology

You must know your Five Elements first from Fortune-Telling Chinese Fortune Calendar, before finding out your lucky years, season, time and places from the Five Elements Application Chart by understanding the hints from the Five Element Basic Background.

Five elements Five Elements Application Chart  Discover Fortune .... your everything is in here
Five Colors Five Element Basic Background
Year Find the weight of elements by year
Date Find the weight of elements by date (Find Stem-Branch by date)
Animal  Find the weight of elements by animal names (by Stem-Branch)
10 Year Ying-Yang Five Elemets Find the weight of elements for 10 Years
 Find monthly Five Element weights
Current Five elemets Find today's Five Elements
10 Year Ying-Yang Five Elemets Find the weight of elements for next 15 days
Five Element Listing List the weight of elements from 1900-2005
Stem and Branch Menu of Stem-Branch
 Ten Representatives - spouse, kids, money, career


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The Five Elements of Self-Healing - Jason Elias, L.A.c., and Katherine Ketcham
Five Elements and Ten Stems - Kiiko Matsumoto, Robert felt, Stephen Birth

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