Monkey - 2016 Chinese Zodiac in Year of Monkey

Years of Monkey : 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

Monkey If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Sheep, not Monkey. (Verify Your Sign)

That is a sign of jinx in Chinese horoscopes when a Monkey meets another Monkey. That means people born in the year of Monkey won't have good luck during any Monkey years. The scene is that if a Monkey is passing by a land with a local Monkey tyrant in charge. If the traveling Monkey can keep quiet, then it will be safe and pass the land. If the traveling Monkey wants to mess with or challenge the tyrant, then trouble will come to the traveling Monkey during its journey.

Therefore, if you are the traveling Monkey under somebody's territory. You had better play low-profile during that journey. You should realize it's normal that your people relationship, love relationship, money luck or job development could encounter a certain limitation in the year of Monkey.

The above is not complete true. According to Chinese Yin Yang Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth) astrology, our astrology birth chart built by our birthday and birth time contains different amounts of Five Elements. Imbalanced Five Elements will bring us bad luck.

Monkey is in the Metal group. Monkey year will bring more Metal to you. If you already have too much Metal in your astrology birth chart, then you won't do well in the Monkey years. If you have only a few Metal in your birth chart, then the Monkey always brings you good luck.

Monkey is also connected to the strong wind. Two Monkeys together generate even stronger wind. That will become natural hazard to damage people's properties. That's the sign of money loss.

Chinese Zodiac Monkey vs. 2016 Year of Monkey

MonkeyMonkey 2016 is the Year of Red Monkey. You were born in the Year of Monkey. The following is the Red Monkey year prediction for people born in year of Monkey.

When Monkey meets Monkey, it's not a good sign from the traditional view of Chinese horoscopes.

Career: The sign is that you are working very close with your coworkers for the same project. That means your career is keeping you busy. But, your career status doesn't make any change. There is no sign for promotion. If you are looking for a job, then you might need more time to get one. This is because you have many competitors out there.

Job Change: If you get on a new position because of the promotion or new job offering, then your working status and development won't change too much. If you work for a new company, then you will feel new competition in the new working environment. The humble and polite attitude is very important when you are in unfamiliar territory. There is no sign showing you are outsmarting over people around.

Wealth: In general, you don't have good money luck in the near future. The people around you are all looking for the money making opportunities. If someone asks you for a big return investment, then you had better skip it. If someone gets a loan from you, then you won't get it back soon. The money investment must be conservative during the Monkey years.

Love: You and your lover often have different opinions. People born in the Rabbit year can act a good mediator for you. If you are looking for your love, then you will see strong competitors out there. But you will have better opportunity with people born in Rat, Dragon or Rabbit.

Social Circle: To build better people relationship, you should show courtesy to others, offer favors to people and yield your opportunities to friends. Never intentionally show off your cleverness and wit in public. Being polite and humble, you will become a popular figure in your social networks.

Quarrel: If you have argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you had better truce for peace. The negotiation is the best approach during this period. Otherwise, both of parties will become losers.

Health: You shouldn't have too serious health issue. But you have watch for unnecessary accident on arms and legs. You should avoid the dangerous sports and activities. Also, pay attention on your Nervous system, liver and gall bladder.

General Fortune: Keep your persistence in benevolence, etiquette and righteousness, the good luck will stay with you.

Note: Since using the only the birth year zodiac sign, the predictions cover only 12.5% of your 2016 fortune. If your Lucky Element is Metal, you will have good luck in the year of the Monkey. See the Chinese Five Element Astrology and the Rise and Fall Chart below.