2021 Chinese Zodiac Year of the Golden Ox

Chinse Zodiac Year of White Metal Ox

2021 is the 4718th Chinese Year. 2021 Chinese New Year Day is on February 12, 2021. Chinese Year of Ox begins on February 3, 2021, according to the Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2021 is the Year of Metal Ox. Metal and Gold are the same characters in Chinese. We can call 2021 is a Golden Ox Year. Also, Metal is connected to the color of white. Therefore, 2021 is also called the Year of the White Ox. The Ox is the second animal in the 12 Chinse zodiacs. Since two is an even number, some people call 2021 the year of the Cow.

Chinese Astrology is a system of Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. The Ox of 2021 is in the Earth group. The element of the Earth is the Mother Element of Metal. Metal is protected by the Earth. Therefore, 2021 is a strong Metal Year. The Metal of 2021 is Yin Metal, which is connected to gold, pearl, gemstone, or jewelry. Yin Metal Ox implies unearthed jewelry waiting for discovery. Yin Metal is also connected to the fruits. Yin Metal Ox also implies fruits growing on the farmland. If Metal is your Lucky Element, then 2021 will be a fruitful year for you.

Before forecasting the fortune of the Golden Ox, we need to study our Chinese Astrology Birth Chart first. We have to know what elements in the birth chart are good or bad to you. Then we check what elements are coming from Chinese zodiac signs and make a prediction.

Reveal Your Chinse Zodiac Birth Chart

Above is a Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart for a person born on June 30, 1948. The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column (a.k.a. Day Master) represents the person. So we can say Day Master is Male Fire, which represents this person.

It's required to have your birthday and birth time to get Your Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. For you to easily understand the Chinese Astrology, we calculate the scores of Five Elements in the birth chart. The Chinese Astrology application tells your Lucky Element using the Yin-Yang Balance theory. The following are the Five-Element scores of the above birth chart.

The scores tell us that the birth chart has too much Fire and too little Metal. It needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal.

2021 is the Metal Ox year. The Metal of 2021 is the Lucky Element. The Ox is in the Earth group. The Earth of the Ox will enforce the energy of Yin Metal. That means Yin Metal is strong in 2021. Metal is connected to money. Therefore, this person will have a pretty good income. The wealth comes from his different ideas and reputation.

The Fortune of 2021 - Lucky Element vs. Day Master

Day Master is the element at the upper row symbol of the Day Column in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. The followings are the brief predictions about the events that may occur in 2021 based on their Day Master Element Type.

When Metal is your Day Master

2021 is the Metal Ox year. Day Master Metal and Metal of 2021 are the same kinds of five elements. Metal represents your siblings, friends, coworkers, partners, or same generation relatives. You will contact your friends, siblings, peers, or coworkers often in 2021. Your social activities will keep you busy.

The Ox is in the Earth group. Earth represents your parents, elders, seniors, or someone supporting you. You will often talk or meet with your parents, mentors, or someone caring for you in the Ox year. You will feel much confident after learning something special from the mentors. If you have job pressures, then someone will be there to help you. The Golden Ox of 2021 will be a year to relax.

When Water is your Day Master

Metal is the Mother Element of Day Master Water. The Metal of 2021 stands for your parents, elders, protection, knowledge, education, or medicine. You might focus on learning something new knowledge. You might spend extra time on your health. You will be often in touch with someones who care about you. Someone will assist you when you encounter trouble.

The Ox of 2021 is the Earth group. Day Master Water is afraid of Earth. The Ox stands for the restrictions, job, career, discipline, police, or criticism. When someone gives troubles, people around you appear to help you to mitigate the pressures. You will learn and grow from the pressures. If the pressures from the career and you can overcome it, then you will have very good opportunities in your career.

When Wood is your Day Master

The Metal is related to the ax, which can chop the Wood. The Metal of 2021 brings pressures on Day Master Wood. Metal is related to your job, career, law, police, provocation, libel, and pressures. The major event of 2021 is your job and career development.

Ox contains Yin Earth, which is a wet soil or farmland. Day Master Wood is connected to the tree. Tree stands upon the earth. Wood overcomes the earth. Earth represents money to Day Master Wood. The money related event will happen in 2021. In other words, money and career events come together in the golden Ox year. If you can manage the challenges, then you will have a job promotion or a big raise. If you cannot handle it, then you will feel pressure from career and money.

When Fire is your Day Master

The Metal of 2021 is related to gold. Fire can melt the gold. The Metal of 2021 represents your wealth. That means the event related to money will arrive. You have good opportunities to earn more income. However, you need some efforts to win rewards.

The Ox is in the Earth group. Earth is the Child Element of Day Master Fire. Earth represents your performance, talent, expression, behavior, and reputation. You will like to express your ideas to people. Earth is the Mother Element of Metal. That means your income will increase because of your ideas and your performance. It looks that you have very good luck with wealth. But you need good health and mind power to own the wealth.

When Earth is your Day Master

Metal is the Child Element of Earth. Metal is something out of you. The Metal of 2021 is related to your reputation, performance, speech, behavior, and appearance. You will happily tell people what in your mind. People watch your performance. If people give you good comments, then you will win the good reputations.

The Ox is Yin Earth. Ox and Day Master Earth are the same kind of elements. The Ox represents your siblings, friends, peers, or same generation relatives. You will spend time with them often. Your social activities increase and people like to talk about you. You will be a popular person in your group. If they give you a good reputation, then they bring you money opportunities. If they don't like your words and actions, then you will feel pressure on friendships and money.

Five Elements Relationships vs. Yin Metal of 2021

2021 is the year of the Yin Metal Ox. Yin Metal of 2021 has interrelationships between all other Five Elements in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. Those relationships could impact the results of the Chinese astrology prediction.

If Yang Fire is found in your birth chart, then Yang Fire and Yin Metal of 2021 have a Stem Attraction Relationship with Water. If Water is your Lucky Element, then your people's relationship will bring you good luck. If your Day Master is Yang Fire and you are single, then you have a love relationship in 2021.

If Yin Wood is found in your birth chart, then Yin Wood and Yin Metal of 2021 have a Fighting Relationship. If Yin Wood is your Lucky Element, then Yin Wood gets hurt and you might have some disagreements with someones during 2021. You need to watch out your words and actions in public.

If Yin Fire is found in your birth chart, then Yin Fire and Yin Metal of 2021 have another Fighting Relationship. Yin Metal is connected to jewelry, which is afraid of the Fire. That implies an unpleasant mood and poor people's relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Relationships vs. Ox of 2021

Ox of 2021 has interrelationships among other zodiac animals in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. The relationships between animals are complicated. They will cause different consequences from the initial prediction by the Day Master.

If Rat is found in your birth chart, then Rat and Ox of 2021 have a Branch Attraction Relationship with Earth. This is a good sign for social, people, and love relationships. If Earth is your Lucky Element, then this relationship brings you good luck in 2021. If Rat is in the Day Column of the birth chart, then that is a very good sign of love relationship or marriage. If Earth is related to the job, then you have good luck in your career. If Earth is related to money, then you have good luck with wealth.

Sheep and Ox have conflict in the relationship. This is a sign of dispute or quarrel or broken promise. It's a bad sign for a love affair. 1967 is the year of Yin-Fire Sheep. 1955 is the year of Yin-Wood Sheep. People born in 1967 and 1955 have very poor people relationship. These two years have a Double Stem-Branch Fighting Relationship against the Yin-Metal Ox of 2021. Also, if a person was born on the Yin-Fire Sheep day or Yin-Wood Sheep day, then something unexpected will bother. That's a bad sign of instability, accident, separation, dispute, hostility, and poor health.

If both Chicken and Snake are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Ox, Chicken, and Snake together form a powerful Metal relationship. If Metal is your Lucky Element, then you will have extremely good luck in 2021. Since 2021 is a very strong Metal year, 2021 will become one of the best years of your life. 2021 could bring you an unexpected big surprise.

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