Chinese Astrology Online focuses on the analysis of Chinese Five Elements in the Four-Pillar and Ba-Zi Chinese horoscope birth chart. All Chinese Zodiac signs into Five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Using the Balance philosophy of Yin and Yang, we can know which element is our Lucky Element. Then we use the relationships of five elements to predict people's future. We also include very informative Feng Shui Flying Stars to show you how to lift your fortune for the rest of your life.

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. The first day of the 2022 Chinese Astrology Water Tiger year is on February 4, 2022, in the China timezone. This day is different from Chinese New Year Day, February 1, 2022. It's the 4719th Chinese Year. Chinese Lunar New Year is from the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese Zodiac Calendar is from the stem-branch calendar, which is the solar calendar.

The Tiger is in the Wood group. It also contains some Fire and Earth. In Chinese Five Elements, The color of Water is black. Therefore, 2022 is also called Black Tiger Year. Tiger contains Yang Wood, Yang Fire, and Yang Earth. Yang Wood is a tall tree, Yang Fire is the sun, and Yang Earth is a mountain. Therefore, Tiger is a tall tree standing on the mountain under the sun. Tiger is the king of the mountain. The Water of 2022 is the Yang Water, which is the river. Water Tiger is the sign of a Tiger crossing the river. The water of 2022 can help Wood of Tiger grow taller. That means Wood is coming strong in 2022. People whose Lucky Element is Wood should have good fortune in 2022. Tiger is the first year of the Wood cycle. If you do well in 2022, then your good luck will continue in 2023. Wood helps Fire to burn and Tiger also contains the Fire. If your Lucky Element is Fire, then you will have a good Tiger year, too.

Yang Wood of Tiger can be a wooden boat. Water Tiger is a boat flowing on the river. That is a sign of adventure, exploration, courage, and new life. The year of Tiger is a good year to start a new business or a new career. Traveling with Tiger is a risky journey. You need well-prepared planning before starting the action. Water Tiger contains Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It will bring good luck in career and wealth for most people.

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