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Chinese Astrology Online provides complete collections of Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese Astrology Calendar, Chinese Farmer Calendar and Feng Shui Calendars for Chinese fortunetelling prediction, Chinese Chronoscope forecast and Feng Shui Purple White Flying Stars application.

Without accurate Chinese Calendars, Chinese Fortunetellers cannot read your fortune right.

Chinese Astrology Calendar - An Essential Tool for Chinese Astrology
Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar
Concise Chinese Astrology
Date and Time of Solar (Astrology) Months
24 Section and Center Points in Chinese Calendar
Yearly Five Element Type
San Fu (Three Fu) Days
Chinese Farmer's Calendar - Find Lucky Day for Special Events
Chinese Farmer's Calendar  
Find Lucky Date for Wedding...
Find Lucky Hours by Date
Find Chinese Holidays and Festivals
Find your Chinese Age

300-Year Chinese Farmer's Calendar
Chinese Lunar Calendar and Holidays
The Theory of Chinese Calendar
Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion
Find Chinese Festivals
Find Chinese New Year Days
Date and Time of Lunar months
Chinese Feng Shui Calendar for Purple White Flying Stars

Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars
Daily Flying Stars
Bihourly Flying Stars
Your Flying Stars
Your House/Room Flying Stars
Period 8 of 180-Year Cycle Flying Stars
2024 Feng Shui House Guide

Free Online SuDoKu Solver

Five Element Calendar for Chinese Astrology
Yearly Five Element Weights
Monthly Five Element Weights
Daily Five Element Weights
Today's Five Elements
Find the weight of elements for 10 Years
Find the weight of elements for next 15 days
Find the weight of elements by animal names
List the weight of elements from 1900-2005

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