Internet Skills

ASP: Populate images and data to Internet from ODBC database
Web-Enabled: VB talks with ASP
Chinese Fortune Calendar Online: Very Successful Personal Web Site
My CD's
Paragon Data Suite - View Scanned Image Documents
Paragon Data Quest - Search Right-of-Way Data and Documents
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Services I can deliver PC/LAN/Intranet/Internet productions on time!
Deliver Client Server, File Server, data base applications for PC network, Intranet, Internet, WAP or IBM mainframe environment.
Developing cycle from planning, design, coding, testing, help/html file to installation/demo CD.
Applications from Image processing, Scan, OCR, Indexing, Image Viewer, Image Storage, Image Archive, Full Text Search, Accounting, Inventory Control, Sale Orders, Shipping, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Insurance, Time Sheet, Banking, to Astronomy and Astrology.
Service Area South Los Angeles and North Orange Area in California
Education Master of Computer Science - University Of Arkansas
Image processing, GIS, Astronomy, Accounting, Manufacture...
Commercial Software - Chinese Farmer's Calendar   Chinese Lunar Calendar   Chinese Fortune Angel   Paragon Data Suite
Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, SQL, Access, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, VBA, InterDev, Front Page, VB Script, Java Script, JScript, ASP, HTML, XML, WML, WAP, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, IIS5, ODBC/API, ADO, RDO, JET, DAO, OLE, ODBC Drivers, System Registry, Windows API, ActiveX OCX, ActiveX EXE, ActiveX DLL, Active document, C, Power Builder, dBase.
FireWorks, Microangelo, Image composer, Person web server, Visual Studio, Web Publisher, Inforian Quest, CuteFTP, CD maker, Photo Shop, Microsoft Agent Characters, Offline Explorer, KaZaA, Morpheus, Screen Capture 2000

MSDN, Installshield, SourceSafe, RoboHelp, LeadTools, Imagnie, CSI AutoVue, Kofax Ascent Scan, Kofax ImageControl, Kodax OCR, Zylab Full Text Search, Mapinfo, MapBasic, ESRI, MapObjects, ArcView, GIS Shape file, MS Word, VISIO, FTP, Caere OCR, Pixel Translation
Network NT Server, SQL Server, Proxy Server, Web Server, TCP/IP, Window 95/98/NT/3.11 Novell.

IBM/3090,3084 OS/MVS/ESA/XA/SP2, JES2, VTAM, VSAM, CICS, TSO.SPF, Wylbur, Panvalet, Endevor, DYL, TLMS, Synsort, $IAM, Assembler, COBOL, C, JCL/Utilities, File-Aid, Extra!, Smart Test, DB2
Personal Data Publications, Copyrights and My Chinese astrology and Calendar software CD's
Web site

Chinese Horoscope Fortune Calendar launched in January 1999
Chinese Horoscope Online
Chinese Astrology Online
Fortune Angel
References View my works and my CD's before Reference Call
Internet security database and image ASP applications
Image progressing - Scan, import, barcode, Index, OCR, export
Image viewer - Index search, Tree view search, Full text search
PC software Chinese fortune-Telling calendar
Web site of Chinese Fortune Calendar Online
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